Customer Care

The satisfaction of our clients is a priority for Tomkins and our approach to Customer Care encompasses a whole of life philosophy applied to every stage of each project.

From the onset of a project, Tomkins ensures the quality and performance of the built form with a focus on the life cycle of the project during the design and construction phases of our projects that is controlled by our certified Quality Assurance and Design Management systems.

Additionally, Tomkins has an established team of key professionals and quality tradesmen to deliver Customer Care and Facilities Management who support the ongoing product quality and the expected performance of the building during its operational design life.

Our Customer Care Team is the direct and consistent line of communication for our clients and takes responsibility for addressing quality , improvements, and maintenance with building owners and property managers.

The services of our Customer Care Team include:

  1. Quality Management
  2. Minor Works and Building Maintenance
  3. Tenancy FItouts
  4. Undertaking and Coordinating Presentative Maintenance
  5. Facilities Management

The Customer Care Team, alongside the project team, will undertake handover training and education of end users on the safe and efficient operation of the building. This training will include strategies for the proper maintenance to increase the life span and maintain the long term quality of the facilities.

Tomkins believes building is a relationship and our Customer Care services provide an ongoing relationship to better manage the quality and operation of our clients’ assets.

If you have any enquiries regarding Tomkins’ Customer Care, please contact Customer Care Team

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