Integrated Management Systems

Tomkins applies a fully accredited Integrated Management System (IMS), providing a robust and consistent business governance framework across all our operations.

All business procedures are documented in Tomkins’ web based portal IMS to provide an online framework for each of our core business activities which include:

  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Health Safety Environment and Quality
  • Design Management
  • Tendering and Estimating Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Development Management
  • Corporate Legal
  • Industrial Relations
  • Administration Management
  • (IMS) Management
  • Legal and Other Requirements

Each discipline within the IMS has procedures and forms required to deliver a quality process that is reflective of Tomkins’ management practices and procedures, statutory requirements and the relevant Australian Standards.

The IMS is subject to quality third-party conformance audits and a process of continual review and improvement.