With the bulk and detailed excavation completed in a separate contract and prior to our works beginning the project scope encompassed the construction of a waterproof concrete shell to house the planned Radiation Therapy equipment and fitout in another separable portion.

Located alongside an operational vehicle turn around on a hospital internal roadway and below ground level alongside the Joyce Tweddell Cancer Care facility it is safe to note the execution was considerably constrained. Working in strict collaboration with the Client’s Representative the project team strictly coordinated the works to occur within acceptable operational times so as to not disturb the recovery of patients laying only metres away.

Providing a water proof envelope was the first concern compounded by the structural design of 1.0M thick reinforced concrete walls, roof & 30mm thick steel cast-in ceiling plates added to the need for strong quality controls. The timing of the concrete pours where numerous truck movements and the associated noise from pumping plant, trucks and concrete vibration was critical to our achieving the contract completion date.